In difficult times, a Lawyer who listens and cares

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When you come to need Mr. Alberts’ services, it will mostly be in difficult or sensitive times – dealing with a bankruptcy, anticipating what will happen after you are gone, settling the estate of a loved one, or appealing a social security disability judgement.

These are not easy situations.  The law can be complicated and confusing.  You may be experiencing deep emotions that make it difficult to make decisions or understand what to do next.  These are the times when the steady hand of a  compassionate lawyer guiding you through can make all the difference.

Experience, knowledge of the law, professionalism – these are all qualities you should seek in your attorney.  But don’t discount the power of thoughtfulness, kindness, genuine caring, and gentle reassurance. These are the qualities that are remembered by Mr. Alberts’ clients long after their cases have been settled.

  • “a thoughtful and sensitive person, a good listener, and knowledgeable.”
  • “very professional, knowledgeable, and a very compassionate attorney.”
  • “works very hard for you and treats your case as if it is the only one.”
  • “thorough and careful”
  • “gentle and reassuring”
  • “demonstrated great kindness and genuinely cared”
  • “always handled every question, concern and fear with kindness and patience.”

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